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Law 3840 Criminal Law and Procedure Spring 2010 Sample Quiz Questions: Explain the limitations that exist upon the U.S. Congress’ power to criminalize conduct of U.S. citizens. Contrast the source of limitation found in United States v Lopez (Gun Free School Zone conviction) and United States v Morrison (The Violence against Women Act case) with those found in Brandenburg v Ohio, and Cohen v California . List and explain the three traditional states of mind for criminal culpability:
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Unformatted text preview: How does the mens rea than the court in United States v Weitzenhoff found sufficient for conviction differ from that historically required for a felony conviction? What are criminal laws such as enforced in Weitzenhoff called? What was the purpose of the no defunct year and a day rule? How did it relate to concepts of mens rea and actus rea in homicide cases?...
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