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Paola Zerpa Lesson Plan is reading one syllable words to kindergarten students. OBJECTIVE: The student will be able to develop hand - eye coordination, improve listening skills, encourage social skills, follow directions, identify letters, improve vocabulary, make predictions, and have fun by reading one syllable words with 80% accuracy. ANTICIPATORY OUTLINE : To gain the student’s interest before the lesson, I plan to show flash cards with pictures of the one syllable words. CONTENT OUTLINE : The exact knowledge that I will teach is to show six different one syllable words with illustrations. TEACHER STRATEGIES : I plan to demonstrate the following strategy I learned in class: K W L . Here is how I plan to use the strategy: I will ask the students what words they know, so
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Unformatted text preview: they can participate. Next I will ask them what new words they want to know and make sure I teach them that. Finally after I complete my lesson I will ask the students what they learned. STUDENT ACTIVITY : I plan to have the learner do these things to practice using the new knowledge I have given them: by showing them the one syllable word and then having them draw the object on their own paper. ASSESSMENT: This is how I will be sure that the test matches the objective perfectly. I will create a matching test for the students to complete. The matching test will include the one syllable words and the picture that corresponds to it. The students will have to match the word with the picture....
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