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University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration Course: Intermediate Financial Reporting 2, BUSACC1205 (CRN 16992) Semester: Spring 2010 Required Material: Intermediate Accounting, 13 th edition, Kieso, Weygandt and Warfield, Wiley Publishing Time: Lecture: Mon, Wed 12:30- 1:45PM Lecture Room: 2500 Sennott Square Instructor: Elise Boyas, PhD Campus Phone: 412-648-1514 E-mail: [email protected] Preferred communication method is via email. Campus office, 226 Mervis Office Hours :Monday and Wednesday, Sennott Square 2510, 11AM-12PM By appointment Course Description : Intermediate Financial Reporting 2 continues the study of the preparation, communication, interpretation and analysis of financial data with emphasis on the information needs of users of financial information prepared under US GAAP. General topics covered in this course include current liabilities and contingencies, long term liabilities, capital and retained earnings, leases, pensions and postretirement benefits, income taxes, and preparation of the statement of cash flows. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Intermediate Financial Reporting 1 (BUSACC1204). (3 credits) Student Learning Objectives This course is designed to help students achieve the following learning objectives: 1. To demonstrate a knowledge of and ability to create, analyze and evaluate communications appropriate to accounting. 2. To comprehend accounting terminology, concepts and methods. 3. To analyze how business transactions impact the financial statements. 4. To analyze and interpret financial reports. 5. To demonstrate a basic knowledge of the concepts of ethical principles in accounting. Appropriate assessments of student learning will be administered throughout the course. Course Format and Requirements : The primary format of this course is lecture, class discussion and review. Lectures in this course may be recorded by the instructor. Students are expected to have read the material and worked the assigned homework prior to the class meeting. It is absolutely imperative that students keep up with the reading/assignments. Students will be expected to complete a variety of assignments designed to broaden detailed knowledge of accounting rules, improve analytical skills and problem solving 1
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abilities, and sharpen communication skills. It is essential that students devote time to working the solutions to the homework problems. The course material is conceptually challenging and the only way that students can master this material is
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Syllabus1230PMBUSACC1205SSpring2010 - University of...

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