Chapter 6 Presentation Project

Chapter 6 Presentation Project - (5 points) All words are...

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Chapter 6 Presentation Project Within your groups, use all of the following words to create a summary of the concepts you have learned in Chapter 6. Be as detailed as necessary to portray a clear overall understanding of how the topics RELATE to each other. (THE BIG PICTURE!) Hints: Use definitions and examine the mathematical language used in your text; concept maps, outlines, flowcharts, etc. may help with establishing connections. * Exponent(ial) * Logarithm * Inverse * Function * Composition * Domain * Range * Base * Curve * Asymptote * Undefined * Reflection * Natural * Argument Your group will be graded on the following items: Content (20 pts) (5 points) An elaborately detailed, well-written synopsis is provided on transparency (typed for presentation) and on paper to be turned in.
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Unformatted text preview: (5 points) All words are used. (5 points) All words are used in proper context. (5 points) Paragraph portrays a complete understanding of the relationships between designated concepts. Presentation (20 pts) (5 points) Contribution: All participants appropriately contribute during presentation. (5 points) Creativity: Style/Method of delivery, visual aids, etc. (5 points) Professionalism: Proper language, attire, behavior/body language, etc. (5 points) Effectiveness: Quality of explanation (clarity, audience-friendly, smooth transitions, references to visual aids, etc.) Preparation (10 pts) Group EvaluationGroup members will rate each individual participantaverage score taken. (See rubric.)...
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Chapter 6 Presentation Project - (5 points) All words are...

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