AP Bio chapters 26-28

AP Bio chapters 26-28 - AP Bio Chapters 26-28 Take-home...

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AP Bio Chapters 26-28 Take-home Test Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. The scientific discipline concerned with naming organisms is called a. taxonomy. b. cladistics. c. binomial nomenclature. d. systematics. e. phylocode ____ 2. The correct sequence, from the most to the least comprehensive, of the taxonomic levels listed here is a. family, phylum, class, kingdom, order, species, and genus. b. kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. c. kingdom, phylum, order, class, family, genus, and species. d. phylum, kingdom, order, class, species, family, and genus. e. phylum, family, class, order, kingdom, genus, and species. ____ 3. Darwin analogized the effects of evolution as the above-ground portion of a many-branched tree, with extant species being the tips of the twigs. The common ancestor of two species is most analogous to which anatomical tree part? a. a single twig that gets longer with time b. a node where two twigs diverge c. a twig that branches with time d. the trunk e. neighboring twigs attached to the same stem Figure 26.1 ____ 4. Which species are extinct? a. A and E
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b. A and B c. C and D d. D and E e. cannot be determined from the information provided ____ 5. Ultimately, which of these serves as the basis for both the principle of maximum parsimony and the principle that shared complexity indicates homology rather than analogy? a. the laws of thermodynamics b. Boyle's law c. the laws of probability d. chaos theory e. Hutchinson's law ____ 6. Shared derived characters are most likely to be found in taxa that are a. paraphyletic. b. polyphyletic. c. monophyletic. ____ 7. The term that is most appropriately associated with clade is a. paraphyletic. b. polyphyletic. c. monophyletic. ____ 8. When using a cladistic approach to systematics, which of the following is considered most important for classification? a. shared primitive characters b. analogous primitive characters c. shared derived characters d. the number of homoplasies e. overall phenotypic similarity ____ 9. The four-chambered hearts of birds and the four-chambered hearts of mammals evolved independently of each other. If one were unaware of this independence, then one might logically conclude that a. the birds were the first to evolve a 4-chambered heart. b. birds and mammals are more distantly related than is actually the case.
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AP Bio chapters 26-28 - AP Bio Chapters 26-28 Take-home...

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