Ode to the west wind

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Anirudh Kulkarni Mrs. Derrow 9 March 2010 We can first infer that the “Ode to the West Wind” is a lyrical poem that patronizes nature around it. We can infer this because it is an Ode. This is right in line with the author’s background. Percy Shelley was a Romantic poet who idealized nature and believed in the free will of people. By titling the poem an “Ode to the West Wind” he conveys his belief of this to be a serious poem that shows his true feelings of nature. The speaker in the poem appeals to the West Wind to allow him get new power and spirit to spread his ideas. Then the poet lists specific events that prove the power of nature in his life, such as driven the autumn leaves away, placing seeds in the ground and bringing thunderstorms to haunt the grounds. The speaker wishes that the wind can affect humanity with the same impact that it does to the winds and the waves. The speaker also asks the wind to spread his message throughout the world. The speaker then concludes by mentioning that, “If Winter comes, can
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