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Anirudh Kulkarni Mrs. Derrow AP English III 8 March 2010 Poetry analysis: Ozymandias Upon research, the title is an ancient Greek name of Ramses II of Egypt. Shelly picked Ozymandias because she studied Greek. The author, Percy Bysshe Shelley, is one of the literary frontrunners of the Romantic period. The author talks about an ancient civilization which is located in the middle of a desert with a statue that is broken apart, but you can still see the face. From this information and the title, we can infer that this civilization is probably the Egyptians. The speaker speaks about how the ruler was a harsh ruler but just to his people. The ruler inscribes on the statue about how powerful and great he is. The speaker can seem as though he is distant from the action. He is merely just telling the story in a casual tone without any judgment until the end when he reads the inscription. The traveler is very candid and exited but at the same time, there is a depressing tone with it. At the end of the poem the speaker continues to not have any physical action in the poem. Like most
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