The Red Scare, Preamble, Scopes main points

The Red Scare, Preamble, Scopes main points - background...

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The Red Scare: A warrant was not needed to arrest someone who was allegedly a communist Police and others treated communists with no respect After being accused as a communist, that individual couldn’t find a job Preamble Industrial workers of the World Constitution The working class and the employing class have nothing in common In order to have leverage, all members of a particular industry must strike at the same time In order to succeed “the working class must do away with capitalism” Sacco and Vanzetti on Trial Immigrants were more likely to blamed for a crime than others Circumstantial evidence was admitted in court when a person had a controversial
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Unformatted text preview: background • Being an anarchist was a crime condemnable to death Immigration Restrictions • Purpose was to reduce “the immigration of these nationalities.” • A quota system was enforced • Someone born in a different country doesn’t qualify as “free white person” enough to get citizenship Scopes Trial • Science vs. Religion • John T. Scopes summarized Darwin’s theory and was arrested • Small battle in a huge conflict KKK • The Birth of a Nation inspired the creation of the KKK • Started off almost like a scam for money • Not for crazy fanatics. It included everyday people...
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