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The World is Too Much with Us

The World is Too Much with Us - according to a different...

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Anirudh Kulkarni Mrs. Derrow AP English (1) 4 March 5, 2010 Poem analysis The title of this one stanza poem is The World is Too Much with Us . I viewed this title to mean that the world is too good for the petty and self-centered human race. The poet, William Wordsworth, is a Romantic poet so he believes in the power of nature and realizes how important it is to all of us. The speaker is angry that the human race has lost touch with nature. He believes that we take it for granted and we truly do not realize how important it is. He says that even when the sea “bares her bosom to the moon” and the winds howl, humanity is still out of tune, and looks on uncaringly at the spectacle of the storm. The speaker wishes that he were a pagan raised
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Unformatted text preview: according to a different vision of the world, so that he would have more respect for nature. The speaker is extremely into nature and is angry and sad that people do not understand how truly important nature is to all of us. The tone of this poem is almost distaste. The speaker clearly does not like the attitude that everyone holds now. He wishes he were a pagan so he could be surrounded by people who respect and understand nature like he does. The author uses alliteration in line 5, “Bares her bosom” to bring attention to the diversions and distractions that the world faces today. The author’s intent is to bring attention to the fact that modern day society no longer respects or appreciates nature....
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