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Anirudh Kulkarni Mrs. Derrow 23 February 2010 The title, Letters Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey , is very long and detailed. The title suggests this poem is just a simple composition that William Wordsworth just jotted down when he was visiting Tintern Abbey. By naming it so informally, Wordsworth shifts the emphasis from the actual poem to the subject of the poem. Also by naming it as if it was just ideas that he quickly jotted down, Wordsworth glorifies nature and how awe inspiring it can be. This becomes especially important when we analyze Wordsworth’s significance to Romanticism. William Wordsworth is recognized as the transitional writer between the Restoration and the Romantic periods. In his Preface to Lyrical Ballads , Wordsworth writes how he wanted to write in the language of the common people and explore topics of the common people because he believed that that was the purest form of poetry. The poem takes place on July 13, 1798. The author contemplates about a secluded area
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