4-22 movie earthquakes

4-22 movie earthquakes - 4-22 Earthquakes Movie Fall 1989-...

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Unformatted text preview: 4-22 Earthquakes Movie Fall 1989- California-central coast Lasted 15 seconds Elevated highway fell, house fell San franscio marina district- fires broke out into the night 7.1 Magnitude- Moderate, it was a rural, loma creto 65 miles south, 11 miles underground san Andres fault, they move at a few inches a year the waves bounced down and back up causing the quake in Oakland and san Francisco liquifaction- sandy and muddy soil, water flows up the ground was no longer stable 62 people died 42 at cypress freeway 6 billion in damages 1906 was 20X larger quake could have been much worst the bay 1896 first recorded quake 7.0 -hayward location scientist did a report, saying a large quake was in the future, and threw it out to, save the business of the city 1906 – 7.8 mag 1.30 in time…permantly moved city 10-15 feet, fire was a large resulting problem, 2/3 city burned, us army 400 dead, 3000 people died currently thought, to max the cities development they called it the great fire, not quake to make money through real estate Worlds Fair, 1915, on current marina lands Tokyo geographical cousin of san fransico 8.4 outside of toyoko 140,000 people died, fire as a result during the 1980’s silicon valley boomed in business 4 majjor falts in san fransicios area GPS help- to track distance shifts During a n quake the ground moves up Epicenter 1868- Hayward the last time it quaked 1995 japan 7.1 earthquake, kobay, soft soils collapse of the highway, wake up call the bay bridge- needs to be renovated, it is in mud causing it to shake more cityhalls, retro fitting for earthquakes the cypress was not rebuilt ...
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4-22 movie earthquakes - 4-22 Earthquakes Movie Fall 1989-...

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