5-4 Movie - Massive land slide gilbert glacier was lifted...

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Tsunami Caused by under water earthquakes Waves separated by 100miles- Near land the rising sea floor makes the wave rise Pacific Tsunami Warning Center- Near Pearl Harbor-they monitor earthquakes, to determine if tsunami will develop Deep Sea-pressure gauge Iceberg-greenland- wave 15 -20ft every 4 or five years 20 years monster 100ft or more The entire pacific rim is at risk Harbor wave-Tsunami- in Japanese Habors focus waves making them larger Chile 1960 earthquakes tsunami- Hawaii, japan ofanato was destroyed NOT a tidal wave Lituya Bay , Alska, 1958
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Unformatted text preview: Massive land slide, gilbert glacier was lifted up, 1800ft height Vaiont, italy Built dam - landslide displaced water- the dam held Tsunami warnings Santa catiolna fault 8 minutes in would hit Ca coast 1948- the early warning center, Hawaii 1986 hawaii – people went to shore phone book has good information about warning signs 1929 newfoundland, underseas landslide tsunami fakeout lowering of sea before wave 90 waves in 250 years, Hawaii construction-wedge shaped- point to the ocean, should be eleveated...
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5-4 Movie - Massive land slide gilbert glacier was lifted...

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