EST 330 Notes Monday February 27

EST 330 Notes Monday February 27 - EST 330 Notes Monday...

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EST 330 Notes Monday February 27, 2006: New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina Information: -Most of New Orleans lies below sea level and the city is on a delta/marsh area -About 1.3 million in population in the metro area: 67% is African-American and 23% is Caucasian -40% of the population has an income level that is below the federal poverty line -The city has the largest US port and the 4th largest and busiest port in the world -The major exports are grain and petroleum largely dealing with Latin America - In 2001 the Department of Homeland Security listed a hurricane striking New Orleans as one of the top three threats to America. The other two were a terrorist attack in NY City and an earthquake in San Francisco. -The levee system in New Orleans was designed for category 3 hurricanes, 50 of the levees broke or were overtopped during Katrina, which was a strong 3, weak category 4 hurricane -SELA was a US Corp of Engineers program instituted years before Katrina to improve the levee systems and improve flood control and mitigate possible hurricane damage -The funding to SELA and other programs to improve flood and hurricane damage control in cities like New Orleans was cut by 40% after the 2004 hurricane season which was the busiest season in years, and in spite of a prediction that the 2005 season would be even busier with more storms -After Katrina hit New Orleans residents waited 4 days for food/water supplies
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EST 330 Notes Monday February 27 - EST 330 Notes Monday...

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