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Analysis of Alternative Social Service Delivery Systems A social service delivery system comprises clients requiring services and a service agency. The client population is presently at 1500. Each month about 750 new clients enter the system and about 20% of the population drops out. The agency employs a staff of ~5 caseworkeEs, each of whom can handle a caseload of ~o clients per month. The caseworkers have, on average, a success rate of 75% but fail to help clients 25% of the time. An alternative service delivery system has been proposed, according to which the agency staff would be split up into those who would screen and refer clients and caseworkers who would see only referred clients. Under this arrangement it is anticipated that one empl~yee could screen and refer about 150 clients per month with a success rate of 66% Those employees
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Unformatted text preview: working directly with referrals would be able to see 50 clients per month, instead of ~O, with an expected success rate of 80%, instead of 75%. If the reorganized agency retained all 15 of its current employees, there would be 5 screeners and referrers to 10 caseworkers. New clients would be expect~o enter the system and drop out at the current rates. The department overseeing the agency's management would like a comparison of system performance measures under the two arrangements <and possibly a third that incorporates principles of each extreme alternative}. In particular, it would like to know: How is the size of the client population affected? How many clients are receiving attention? Of these, how many have 'their cases solved? Hence, what is the overall success rate? And how many clients are dropping out of the system?...
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