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Example of Queuing Model

Example of Queuing Model - Stokey a nd Z eckhausers H...

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Stokey and Zeckhausers Hypertension Clinic Example of a Queuing Model The remodeling of a walk-in clinic for the detection of high blood pressure is being planned. The hospital administration wants to know how many stations it should set up and how the staffing of these stations should be scheduled. Background Information All patients require the same amount of service, as an examination takes 10 minutes. On average, 12people per hour come in to be examined. The clinic is open from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM every day and at 3:00 PM the doors are locked. The people still inside the clinic are examined. If people arrived like clockwork at regular 5-minute intervals-i-say, because they had appointments that were rigidly scheduled and they observed them reJigiously-2 stations could handle the job nicely. There would be no waiting time. But, patients don't arrive regularly, so there is a queue. The hospital administration has posed the following questions.
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