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Stilley 1 Tom Stilley Ms Patterson World Lit. w/ Film, period 1 2 March 2009 Blanche Just Needs Attention Blanche's scene with the paper boy really reveals a lot about her character on many different levels. On an outer level, it solidifies the rumor that she “got around”. She went from a romantic conversation with Mitch, to seducing the paper boy. If she can switch gears this fast, it leaves no doubt in viewer's minds that she is capable of the rumors. Looking a little deeper, it also shows off her need for a attention and masculine security. That was very simply put, but very true looking at her past. After the men in her life lost Bell Reeve and passed away, she became obsessed with finding a husband
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Unformatted text preview: who could provide for her, and dote on her in the way that she was raised to expect, as a southern belle. She is so attention starved that she will move to any male figure, even a complete stranger, to look for some kind of comfort. Deeper yet, it reveals the severity of the mental illness that viewers have already inferred of her possessing. A woman that starved for attention, has very serious problems. This situation lets the viewers know the imminence of her breaking point. After this point in the film, her illness comes to the forefront and is the focal point and catalyst for the events in the duration....
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