catlady - of it purring. She was a little nutjob, kicking...

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Thomas Stilley Abram Foley English 15 sec 018 22 Jan 2010 Crazy cat-Lady My sweet Taylor. My sweet little angel ran away. She always was a wild one. The time when the nasty, rude police officer came over and Taylor, just a itsy bitsy kitten, latched onto his leg. Bless her soul. The officer screamed higher than I could and kicked her, a nasty man. But he could not harm Taylor, who went back on the attack. She had the soul of a tiger, a tiger among kittens! Even on cold, snowy days, when the rest of my babies would be sitting on the radiator cat-napping, she would be sneaking out of the doors and playing in the snow. A local hoodlum made a snow man in my front yard, and lo-and-behold I walk outside and Taylors laying on top
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Unformatted text preview: of it purring. She was a little nutjob, kicking all the other cats off the sofa, such a sweetheart though. Not the brightest bulb, mind you, she tried climbing into the oven as I was taking an apple pie out. Ill sure miss her, I dont think she will be coming back, too much of a free spirit. I cant say my other cats will miss her, she was a troublemaker. Thought she could use whatever litter box she wanted. Always picking a fight with Big Kitty, who just wanted to be left alone. Oh well, she is probably off picking fights with the raccoons and possums now, Im sure my little tiger can hold her own. I guess Ill just leave this bowl of milk out front, maybe she will be out front meowing in the morning....
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