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CHEM 111-experiment 10 Sampling Plan Submitted by: Thomas Stilley Date:23 February 2010 Partners: Water to be sampled: a bottle of Aquafina, or comparable brand of bottled water. My Sample: will be bought at a convenience store on campus, heavily frequented by students. Expected results- I expect my sample to be softer than most tap waters sampled by my lab partners. Aquafina is a spring water, meaning that it comes from the ground, so there will
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Unformatted text preview: be minerals , the hardness depending on where the spring is located. This varies by region and state, depending on the characteristics of the soil. However, being a premium bottler, Pepsi should have an effective filtering system. This system, coupled with a good spring, should produce soft or only slightly hard water. I will be able to classify the water using Chemistry: the central science and the Water Encyclopedia....
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