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redneck memoir - Stilley 1 Thomas Stilley Abram Foley...

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Stilley 1 Thomas Stilley Abram Foley English 15, 018 29 January 2010 Out in the Woods Atco offered everything that Camden did not. A gigantic raceway for muscle cars, that car enthusiasts from all over the area would flock to like moths to the numerous lights above the track. Our favorite part was the entrance to woods with dirt and mud roads spanning the entire Pine Barrens. Woods with fishing lakes, mud pits, and clearings for bonfires. In short, an all inclusive resort for us. It was the first Monday night of our spring break during our senior year of high school, a very warm and balmy night for so early in the year. The type of night that was made for being outside and enjoying what nature had to offer. A couple friends were going to the woods in Atco, NJ. Atco offers my group of friends a redneck getaway from the urban paradise that is Camden, NJ. Now that we could all drive, and two of our number were practicing mechanics, with the rest having plenty of amateur experience, most of us bought trucks, or old muscle cars, fixed them up, and went to Atco for fun. The group going out tonight was five in number. Ray was a towering, broad shouldered mechanic by trade, blue collar to the bone. He would routinely work 75 hour weeks and would be a great commercial spokesperson for Red Bull. He embodied the saying “work hard, play hard”, and I count him as one of the finest people I have ever met. Mike was an Irishman; short
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Stilley 2 of stature and very slight of figure, an always jolly person, even when frequently the butt of our
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redneck memoir - Stilley 1 Thomas Stilley Abram Foley...

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