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reflectionimmaculee - When Immaculee's brother was killed...

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Tom Stilley Ms. Eyler Ministry, pd 6 3 February 2009 reflection The diary of Immaculee tells a beautiful tale of forgiveness about a terrible, despicable time. She told her story of hiding in her pastor's bathroom for 91 days. If she was found by the Hutu militia she surely would have been brutally murdered. She knew her family was murdered, and still had the will to survive. This shows her enormous bravery, and a very primal urge to survive, that many people do not have. This has earned her my respect. Before the Hutu uprising, the races lived in general harmony, and intermarried and interacted without too many problems. They were one community, regardless of tribe. When the Hutu's started revolting and murdering, many of the murderers were acquaintances of the people they were slaughtering.
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Unformatted text preview: When Immaculee's brother was killed, it was by a families acquaintances. The two families knew each other. When Immaculee was in America, she met the brother of the man that murdered her brother. She was not mad, angry, upset or revenge seeking. She greeted the man like an old friend. She sang songs with him and talked of old times. She didn't hold this against him, even though he was an accomplice to the murder of her family. In my eyes, this supreme act of forgiveness rivals Jesus himselfs. Jesus forgave his murderers, as Immaculee forgave her families, which in a sense is her murderer because it is obvious a part of her died with her family. This act of forgiveness has earned my awe. She is a true survivor and a model for any faith....
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