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poverty - Day by day the numbers of poverty are challenging...

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Day by day the numbers of poverty are challenging sociologists and politicians into finding an efficient solution for this social illness. Every country around the Globe has poor people and handles them in very different ways. This essay looks at some of the reasons for world poverty and suggests some solutions to the problem. One cause of this disease is overpopulation. Nowadays crowed regions become more and more common and as a result the number of poor people in these societies increases. For example, China, the most populated country and one of the biggest economies in the world, can’t keep up with its own population growth. Another factor is the way the world’s wealth is distributed. The bigger parts of this amount are in the hands of a few groups of countries. The world economy is arranged to benefit those who have more power to buy goods instead of having its organization based on an equal relation between buyers and producers. This situation makes many economies weak and unable to support the growth of
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