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Unformatted text preview: Time Management Time Management Lesson 1 Importance of Time Importance of Time Management • Control of your time = control of your life Planning Planning • Dynamic planning – Long term – Weekly – Daily • Get a daily planner Long Term Long Term • 4­yr plan, semester schedule • Record holidays, exams, homework due dates etc • Take dates from your syllabus • Plan ahead!!!! Weekly Weekly • Include prep time • Include PT, clubs, etc • Include study time 2­3 hours per hour in class • Add it all up, subtract from 168 • What is left over is sleep, meals, free time Daily Daily • Make a daily schedule every night, review it every morning • Use a 3x5 card • Start with your weekly schedule • Stick to it!!!!! Problems Problems • Decisions, decisions, decisions • Don’t give up the ship • Unforeseen events ABC System ABC System • Break your overall goals down into manageable activities • List your activities in priority order • Label the high priority activities A, lower priorities B, low priorities C • Do the A’s first Resolving Conflict Resolving Conflict • Prioritize • Study for classes you like the least first • Be flexible but maintain you priorities Time Time • Finite resource ­ 168 hours per week • Where to find more – Class schedule – Outside commitments – Sleep habits Efficiency is the key to success What Is the Best Use of Your What Is the Best Use of Your Time Right Now? An A Activity! ...
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