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Unformatted text preview: THE MASTER STUDENT THE MASTER STUDENT MEMORY OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVES • • • Types of memory Memory techniques Mnemonic devices MEMORY MEMORY • • • Short­Term: limited capacity and disappears Long­Term Memory concepts – Repetition – Association – Review – Active participation, paying attention MEMORY TECHNIQUES MEMORY TECHNIQUES • ORGANIZE –General to specific –Create associations • BE ACTIVE –Fight boredom –Relax –Draw diagrams or pictures MEMORY TECHNIQUES cont. MEMORY TECHNIQUES cont. – Recite and repeat – Write it down • USE YOUR BRAIN – Reduce interference – Avoid short­term memory trap…mini­reviews – Study in daylight – Take breaks when studying – Fight bad attitudes MEMORY TECHNIQUES cont. MEMORY TECHNIQUES cont. • RECALL IT – Remember a related topic – Use it or lose it! MNEMONIC DEVICES MNEMONIC DEVICES • FOUR CATEGORIES – New words/acronyms – Creative sentences – Rhymes and songs – Systems ­ loci and peg ...
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