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Unformatted text preview: THE MASTER STUDENT THE MASTER STUDENT NOTE TAKING Three Parts to Note Taking Three Parts to Note Taking • OBSERVE • RECORD • REVIEW OBSERVE OBSERVE – Prepare – Sit front and center – Preclass review – Focus – Participate – Think critically WATCH FOR CLUES! WATCH FOR CLUES! • Repetition • Introductory, concluding, transition phrases • Watch the board… • Highlight the obvious • Instructor’s interest RECORD RECORD • ORGANIZE – Outline format – Use key words – Develop own shorthand – Different colors – Copy pictures, diagrams, formulas, dates RECORD cont RECORD cont • • • • Use three ring binder One side of paper Label, number and date all notes Use complete sentences for important material REVIEW REVIEW • • • • Review within 24 hours Edit your notes Retype or rewrite notes Use 3x5 cards Fast Talking Instructors Fast Talking Instructors • • • • • More time to prepare for class Choose the key points Leave spaces in notes to fill in later Take notes on reading before class Go to another section ...
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