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Abstract: A solar powered oven is needed as a prototype for future designs of solar ovens. In this project, a solar powered oven was to be built out of a cardboard. The constraints included the use of only specified materials, the oven cannot be preheated, the oven may not be moved once positioned, a hole must be present to place the thermocouple into, the volume of the oven chamber must be at least 1000cm 3 , The inside oven temperature, ioT , will be measured at the time thermal equilibrium is reached or ten minutes before class ends, whichever comes first, some method of point the oven into the sun must be incorporated, no lenses are to be used and that the solar oven M/L, that is, the ratio of the Mylar sheets to the reflectors, was to be no more than 3. Two concepts were originally looked at and one was chosen for the preliminary testing. As this first oven failed to reach
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Unformatted text preview: the expected temperature a second design was looked at. This design was incorporated with ideas from the first two designs to make the final solar oven. The final oven consists of an outer box cardboard box. On top of the box there is hole that exposes a smaller cooking chamber to the sun. On top of the cooking chamber sits another piece of cardboard with a square shaped hole, which holds two Mylar sheets. To this top cardboard box eight solar ovens (approximately 45cm in length) are placed at exactly 106 degrees to the horizontal. This piece of cardboard is taped to the top of the box and pointed towards the sun using backpacks. Based on testing performed on March 30, 2008 the solar oven reached a temperature of 412 degrees Fahrenheit but a higher temperature could have been reached if better tape had been used on the top of the box....
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