Unit 1 Exam Review and vocab

Unit 1 Exam Review and vocab - Art 108 K Whitney testUnit 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Art 108 K. Whitney testUnit 1 Exam Review The Unit 1 Exam, March 25, will cover chapters 1-3 (and Benjamin West in Ch. 4) and will consist of slide I.D., compare and contrast, a mystery slide, and essay questions. Answers will be given in multiple choice and short answer essay ( bring both a scantron form and a blue book ). Slide I.D.: be prepared to identify by sight any of the works on the teamsite review and tell me the title, artist, and period (just the culture, not specific dates) of the work. Then be prepared to answer questions on its stylistic and historical significance, as well as any relevant vocabulary terms. Compare and Contrast: identify the two works as above (title, artist, period) and then tell me how they are similar in style and historical context and how they differ. Mystery: based on your familiarity with the works checked off our list, be prepared to attribute a previously unseen slide to an artist, tell me which work on our list it is similar to and why you are...
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