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Final Fall 2008 - 1 of 4 BIS 102 Fall 2008 K Hilt Name Last...

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1 of 4 BIS 102 Name ___________________________________________________ Fall, 2008 Last First K. Hilt Final Exam Score (200): ___________ Equations: pH = pK a + log {[b]/[a]} K a = x 2 /(y-x) K b = x 2 / (y-x) pH = (pK a 1 + pK a 2 )/2 (K a )(K b ) = 1 x 10 -14 F = (q 1 q 2 ) / r 2 G = H - T S v o = {V max [S]}/ {K m + [S]} Amino acid pK a ’s: -carboxyl group (2.1), -amino group (9.6) side chains: D (3.9) E (4.2) H (6.0) C (8.3) Y (10.1) K (10.5) R (12.5) Oligopeptide pK a ’s: C-terminal carboxyl group (3.6), N-terminal amino group (7.4) 1. An oligopeptide has the following structure: ( 5 pts.) a) What is the one-letter code (sequence) of this peptide? Put your answer on this line: _______________________________________________. ( 10 pts.) b) For the above oligopeptide to be drawn with those charges, the pH of the solution that it is in must be somewhere between what two pH’s? Answer: ______ < pH < ______. ( 5 pts.) c) Picking one of the peptide bonds in the above structure, carefully draw a rectangle around the atoms that form a plane around that peptide bond. (10 pts.) d) Imagine that the intact oligopeptide was subjected to peptide sequencing using the Edman chemistry in the protein sequenator. The protein sequenator is run for one cycle. Using the axes drawn below, carefully draw in the expected result. Label your axes and your peak(s). (10 pts.) e) What is the pI of the intact oligopeptide? Put your answer here: _________. To receive credit, you must show your work on the back of this or another page.
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Final Fall 2008 - 1 of 4 BIS 102 Fall 2008 K Hilt Name Last...

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