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Chemical Engineering 140 August 26, 2009 Problem Set #1 ( * 1. 1.21 2. 1.24 3. Problem 3, page 61. Also (e) Assume that the condition of the liquefied mixture is now changed to ambient temperature and 3 bar where it is an ideal gas. What is the mass density of each species and the total mass density? What is the molar density (i.e., the concentration) of each species and the total molar density? (f) Assume that the gas mixture in (b) is flowing at a rate of 3 lbmol/hr. What is the
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Unformatted text preview: gas flow rate in SCFM (standard cubic feet per min)? 4. 2.31 FR For more information on this problem please refer to the paragraph on the course web from Felder and Rousseau entitled Fitting Nonlinear Data. 5 . Explain physically why natural gas fuel is more greenhouse-gas friendly than is coal. For the 2.56GW Moss Landing power plant discussed in lecture 1, how much more CO 2 would be produced if coal were combusted rather than natural gas?...
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