Project1 - 6. What message appears within the status bar?...

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ITP 320 Project #1 - SAP Environment Answer Sheet Student Name: XX No. 001 Raw Score Late Points Final Score(15) Total points 15 (1 point each) 1. The eight categories of the SAP standard menu: Office / Cross-Application Components / Collaboration Projects / Logistics / Accounting / Human Resources / Information Systems / Tools 2. Two additional methods to log off the system: 1) Select the “System” menu and then click on “Log off” 2) Click on the Log off button in the menu bar or click on (Shift + F3) 3. Three items that can be created within your Favorites section of the menu tree: Transactions Files Web addresses 4. Two possible procedures for inserting an item from the SAP Standard menu tree: Use the menu bar: a) Select an executable item from the user menu. b) Choose Favorites >> Add. The new item appears at the end of your list. The new item appears below the position where you dropped it. 5. What is the title of this window? Maintain User Profile
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What message appears within the status bar? User 480-001 was saved 7. Title of the transaction window to create a new product: Create Material (Initial Screen) 8. What is the transaction code for creating a new material? MM01 9. Is this the same transaction window as in exercise #5? Yes 10. Field Name Data Material (description) 01 Dough NRG-A Base unit of measure LB (US Pound) Material group Raw & Semi Finished Gross Weight 0.000 Additional Questions & Challenges 11. Under what operational category do accountants spend most of their time? Accounting 12. Operational category under where you would find Sales and Distribution: Logistics 13. Business area under where you would look for Purchasing tasks: Logistics 14. Is Production also found under the same operational category as Purchasing? Yes 15. What is the description of material? 01 NRG-A What is the base unit of measure? CS (Case)...
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Project1 - 6. What message appears within the status bar?...

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