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Project1 - 6 What message appears within the status bar...

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ITP 320 Project #1 - SAP Environment Answer Sheet Student Name: XX No. 001 Raw Score Late Points Final Score(15) Total points 15 (1 point each) 1. The eight categories of the SAP standard menu: Office / Cross-Application Components / Collaboration Projects / Logistics / Accounting / Human Resources / Information Systems / Tools 2. Two additional methods to log off the system: 1) Select the “System” menu and then click on “Log off” 2) Click on the Log off button in the menu bar or click on (Shift + F3) 3. Three items that can be created within your Favorites section of the menu tree: Transactions Files Web addresses 4. Two possible procedures for inserting an item from the SAP Standard menu tree: Use the menu bar: a) Select an executable item from the user menu. b) Choose Favorites >> Add. The new item appears at the end of your list. Use Drag & Drop: The new item appears below the position where you dropped it. 5. What is the title of this window? Maintain User Profile
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What message appears within the status bar? User 480-001 was saved 7. Title of the transaction window to create a new product: Create Material (Initial Screen) 8. What is the transaction code for creating a new material? MM01 9. Is this the same transaction window as in exercise #5? Yes 10. Field Name Data Material (description) 01 Dough NRG-A Base unit of measure LB (US Pound) Material group Raw & Semi Finished Gross Weight 0.000 Additional Questions & Challenges 11. Under what operational category do accountants spend most of their time? Accounting 12. Operational category under where you would find Sales and Distribution: Logistics 13. Business area under where you would look for Purchasing tasks: Logistics 14. Is Production also found under the same operational category as Purchasing? Yes 15. What is the description of material? 01 NRG-A What is the base unit of measure? CS (Case)...
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Project1 - 6 What message appears within the status bar...

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