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118-2-F'08-MIDTERM-NEW YORK TIMES-KEY - Econ 118-2Financial...

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Econ 118-2–F’08–Midterm – ANSWER KEY p1 Econ 118-2–Financial Statement Analysis–F’08 Midterm Exam – 100 points ANSWER KEY Questions 1 and 2 are based on the annual report of The New York Times Company (NYT) The questions that follow are based on the attached statement of operations (income statement) from NYT’s 2007 annual report on Form 10-K. Total assets of NYT were $3,473,092 and $3,498,900 at year-end 2007 and 2006, respectively. Use year-end numbers where a formula calls for an average. The U.S. federal statutory tax rate was 35% for all periods. Show all your work. In your computations, round all financial statement amounts to the nearest $100,000, e.g., express 2007 Net income of $208,704 as $208.7. Clearly label all answers. Watch your pluses and minuses ! Question 1 – Return on assets (65 points) Compute NYT’s return on assets for 2007 and 2006. Disaggregate ROA into its two components. Evaluate the results. ROA NI + (1 - t) Int exp + MI in NI +/- After-tax special items ROA = ___________________________________________________ Year-end (vs average) total assets 2007 ROA = NI Int exp MI in NL Disc op Loss Gain
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