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189 Midterm 2 Review

189 Midterm 2 Review - Chapter 5Intentional and Business...

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Chapter 5—Intentional and Business Torts o A violation of a duty imposed by the civil law Defamation Libel—written defamation o A newspaper columnist accuses someone of being and alcoholic Slander—oral defamation Defenses o Opinion—calling the women a butt licker o Public personalities (includes public officials and stars) Actual Malice means that the defendant acted with reckless disregard for the truth False Imprisonment Intentional restraint of another person without reasonable cause and without consent o Most states now have statues governing the detention of suspected shop lifters Battery and Assault Battery—the intentional touching of another person in a way that is unwanted or offensive Assault—occurs when a defendant performs some action that makes the plaintiff fear an imminent battery o Think toaster thrown, but does not hit him Interference with contract Occurs when a defendant deliberately harms a contractual relationship between two other parties Intrusion—into someone’s private life is a tort if a reasonable person would find it offensive Fraud—injuring another person by deliberate deception Con artist who tricks you out of money to buy a boat Intentional Infliction of emotional distress Results from extreme and outrageous conduct that causes serious harm o i.e. lying to someone that their son was in an accident to get a hold of their address o Tort Law—based on an obligation imposed by the law with no agreement needed between parties, victim prosecutes and receives compensation or restitution Intentional Torts Does not require an intention to harm, only an intention to perform the act o Throw a toaster and miss is still considered assault o Compensatory damages A jury may award compensatory damages to a plaintiff who prevails in a civil suit
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Single recovery principle mandates that the court must decide all damages and settle at one time Damages include
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189 Midterm 2 Review - Chapter 5Intentional and Business...

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