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DRIVING DIRECTIONS TO THE PIERPONT INN The Pierpont Inn is located just off the 101 Freeway in Ventura at the Pacific Ocean, between the Seaward Avenue and California Street off ramps. Going North 101 : As you approach the beach in Ventura, go past the Seaward Avenue off-ramp. Exit at SanJon Road (I think it's about ½ mile past Seaward): you will be at the backside of the Pierpont Inn and will need to circle it in a clockwise fashion. Turn left (towards the beach) to go under the overpass to Harbor Blvd., turn right onto Harbor Blvd., then take an immediate right onto Sanjon Road at the stoplight. Go under the freeway overpass and head up a little incline. Turn right at the Pierpont Inn & Racquet Club entrance. From the
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