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Denardo 2.6-2.7 (29-36) - 2.6 Installing Solver 29 2.6...

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2.6. Installing Solver 29 2.6. INSTALLING SOLVER Solver will be used in nearly every chapter of this text. Before you can use this program, how ever, it must be installed and activated. This section tells you how to do that. Solver is an Excel Add-In. You have at least one version of Solver—and probably two-.--available for usewith this text. Both versions were written by Frontline Systems. The “standard” version of Solver is distributed by Microsoft. It was purchased with Excel. The “premium” version of Solver, whose full name is the Premium Solver forEdu cation, is distributed directly by Frontline Systems; it’s on theCD that accompanies this text. If you are using a networked computer, you might be restricted to the standard version; if you are using your own personal computer, you can arrange to use either. Which Version Should You Use? It’s a close race. For nearly all of the purposes in this text, the standard and the premium ver sions of Solverwork equally well. They use similar algorithms for solving linear, integer, and nonlinear programs. They have the same restrictions as to problem size. (Both handle linear programs that have as many as 200 variables and as many as 100 constraints, for in stance.) If you do have a choice, the premium version has the edge, for these reasons: As of this writing, the premium Solver has fewer bugs. The premium Solver includes a “genetic” algorithm that is dubbed the Evolutionary Solver It finds solutions to nonlinear systems on which the standard code for nonlinear programs fails. Is the Standard Solver Ready to Use? Maybe. How can you tell? Open Excel. Click on its Tools menu. Is Solver listed there? If so, all is well. If Solver is not on the Tools menu, you may only need to activate it. Click the Tools menu, and then select the Add-jns menu item. If Solver is on the list of items, check it, and click on OK. This activates Solver; it places Solier on the Tools menu, where you want it. Alas, ifSolver has not been installed, youwill need to find your Excel CD or disk or diskettes. Go through the Excel setup procedure and install Solver. Then actjvate Solver, in the manner just described. Is the Premium Solver Easy to Install? If you are using a networked computer, you may not be able to install the premium Solver. 1 Not to worry. The standard version is fine for our purposes. On a personal computer, you can install and activate the premium version after you have installed and activated the standard version. To do so, insert the CD that accompanies ‘Many networks prohibit users from installing Excel add-ins. Systems managers can install them. John Wiley & Sons is licensed to copy and distribute Premium Solver for Education for installation on networks of personal computers for use only by instructors and students who are using this text.
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30 Chapter 2 Getting Started with Spreadsheets this text in your CD drive.
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