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t/ CHEM 130 PracticeBxam2 1) To what volume must 150mL of a 3.60M solution be diluted to prepare a solution which is 2.40M? A. I296mL B. 1000mL C. 444mL D. 285mL E. 225mL 2) How many grams of KCI (MW = 74.6 glmol) can be formed when 10.0g of K (MW :39.1glmol) react with excess Cl2 (MW :71.0 g/mol)? A. 10.09 B. 20.09 C. 159.09 D. 19.1g E. 38.29 3) A hydrogen atom emits a photon as it falls from quantum number n:5 to n=3. What is the energy of this photon? (where Rn = 2.18 x 10-r8 J; A.5Ru/9 B' Rs /25 c. RH /9 D. l6Rg225 E. 10 RH /25 4) An aqueous solution is made from 7.989 of potassium permanganate, KMnOa. If the volume of the solution is 50.0mL, what is the molarity of the KMnO+ in the solution? The formulaweight of KMnO+is 158 g/mol. A. 0.101M B. 1.0lM C. 1,44M D. 0.359M E. 0.144M 5) What is the frequency of ultraviolet radiation having a wavelength of 46.5 nanometers? A. 1.54 x 10-16 s-r B. 6.54 x 106 s-r C. 1.54 x 10-e s-r D. 6.45 x 10r5 s-l E. 1.18
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6) How many grams of KOH are present in 35.0mL of a 5.50M solution? 23.59 6.50g 10.8g 1.28g 0.880g The temperature of the beaker contents this reaction. because energy is A. increases, absorbed, endothermic B. decreases, absorbed exothermic C. decreases, released, exothermic D. decreases, absorbed, endothermic E. increases, released, exothermic A mixture containing 0.50 mols H2 gas and some He gas has a volume of 44.8L
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Practice+exam+2 - t CHEM 1 30P racticeBxam2 1 T o w hatv...

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