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Entering Equations in CACH The equations must be balanced. For net ionic equations, this means that the charges must also be balanced. Do not use spaces when entering the equations. Use = in place of the → When required, use the appropriate phase symbols - (g) for gases - (l) for liquids - (s) for solids - (aq) for aqueous (i.e. dissolved in water) *Water is a liquid (l) not (aq). You need to use your solubility rules to determine whether a substance should be (aq) or (s) if the reaction takes place in water. When entering ionic equations, enter the formula for the ion, then a comma, then the charge (number first then the - or + sign), then the
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Unformatted text preview: phase symbol. There are no spaces. Example: -For H + (aq) enter H,+(aq)-For ) ( 2 4 aq SO-enter SO4,2-(aq)-For H + (aq) + OH-(aq) → H 2 O(l) you would enter H,+(aq)+OH,-(aq)=H2O(l) • When entering ‘O’ for oxygen, a common mistake is to enter ‘0’ (the number zero), thus entering H20 instead of H2O. If you are having problems entering an equation, make sure that you have not made this mistake. You can check you previous submissions for this mistake because there is a small difference between the two characters....
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