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CHM 130 Procedure for Exams Since there are no make-up exams , it is very important that you know your rights as well as your responsibilities. Below is the list of what you should know. 1. Mark in your calendar the dates and times that exams are scheduled. 2. Anyone with a legitimate and documented time conflict or need for an alternate exam time should sign up at least two weeks prior to the exam by contacting their discussion GSI. Alternate exams are not available for personal conflicts such as pledge week, club events, or other nonacademic events. 3. Check the webpage for the Exam Room Assignments 4. Show up at the designated location at least 10 minutes before the exam 5. Bring with you: non-programmable calculator with working battery pencils and eraser UM ID card 6. Do not enter the room until the proctor indicates to do so. 7. When you enter the room, leave your personal belongings at the front of the room or along the walls. TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE .
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