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Quiz+8 - 1 0-1 For each of these shapes there are four...

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*This quiz is due by the beginning of lecture on Monday, March 3. Late quizzes will not be accepted. Quiz #8- Take Home Chem 130 GSI: Andrea Geyer Please show all work or no credit will be given Name:______________________ Section:______________ 1. Suppose you travel to Never-Never Land to visit with Peter Pan and Wendy. While there you discover an extraordinary phenomenon- their quantum theory is completely unlike our own. All of their quantum numbers represent the same aspects of ours ie size, energy, shape, orientation, and spin however they have different definitions. The shapes, defined as = n, n-1, n-2 … 0, are like letters of the alphabet. When =0 the shape is an A, when =1 the shape is a B, and so forth and so on. There are a multitude of orientations going varying from
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Unformatted text preview: +1, , 0, - , -1. For each of these shapes there are four different possibilities of spin represented by the following arrows: ←,↑,→, ↓. a) Suppose you find a 2C orbital. What are all of the possible quantum number combinations for this orbital: b) In Never-Never Land which of the following orbitals cannot exist: i) 2D ii) 2A iii) 3B iv) 4C 2) Suppose you are preparing for Valentines Day and are having a hard time picking between a red and a violet heart. Being a scientist, you decide to pick the heart that absorbs the most energy. That way you can say that you put all the energy that you could into picking the gift. Which heart should you pick and what would the energy associated with this heart be?...
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