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-2/05/10- -Background to Western Expansion- -Before Columbus, the Vikings (Norsemen) traveled to Iceland c. 1000 1. The Crusading Spirit -Crusades were Christian version of Jihad (holy war). Just like the Jihad, this was appealing to warrior class. -Spreading Christianity was still active near 1500 and had a lot to do with the motivation of the exploration of the new world. -The crusades awakened interest in the trade of European goods, and established trade with countries near the Mediterranean. -Venice and Cenoa were two major European trade cities that were established because of the Crusades. -Spain had been conquered by the Muslims, so it was an ongoing battle to push back the muslims and reclaim territory. This is called the reconquest of spain, and had much to do with the establishment of the trade cities in Spain. -The myth of Prester John: Prester John was a fictional character that was said to be descended from biblical figures, and this motivated people to search for the kingdom in which he resides. It was thought that this kingdom existed in Ethiopia, A.The Role of Portugal -Prince Henry the Navigator (1394-1460). Takes the initiative in expanding Portugal’s empire. -Puts together a lot of the stories of the rich kingdoms in distant lands. He says that the gold from Africa must be the gold from Prester John. He says that if the Portuguese can sail around Africa
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2-05-10 - -2/05/10-Background to Western Expansion-Before...

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