Western Christiandom Around 1500

Western Christiandom Around 1500 - -02/10/2010- Western...

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-02/10/2010- Western Christendom around 1500 -The nobility (aristocracy) were believed to be selected by God to serve as a ruler. -These rulers were expected to practice monogamy, not polygamy. -When a king or prince dies, leaving only a child as an heir, it was fairly common for a separate group to try and dethrone this king due to this weakness. This did happen to allow women to move to a higher standing, because if the youngest child was a woman, she would become queen (Queen Elizabeth I, 1558- 1603). -This was generally the exception to the rule, and women were generally kept subordinate. -The clergy got their power also from God, but they did have somewhat divine powers, unlike the nobility. They got their position from the Pope, and the Pope got It through Jesus Christ. The popes were in charge of the hierarchy of these clergy. -The clergy had power to transform bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, they could forgive your sins, and also had the power of indulgences where people did something good for the church (such as donate) and received a reduction in your time spent in purgatory. -By the time of 1500, indulgences became more of a fund raising device. Later on, you could buy them
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Western Christiandom Around 1500 - -02/10/2010- Western...

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