3-05-10 - -03/05/10- -Enlightenment ideas in the 19th...

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-03/05/10- -Enlightenment ideas in the 19 th Century- 1. Socialism (=Communism) - A. Utopian socialism – Setting up small communities to set up the idea of living and sharing things together. - B. Karl Marx (1818-1883) – Dismissed the small utopias as being a socialist ideal. - Thought of himself as a scientist, and that political law was governed much like scientific law. - Well trained in philosophy. - Dialectical Materialism – -Dialectics: progress through opposition -Materialism: the primacy of economics. The driving force behind this process is people’s need/desire for food, clothing and shelter. If you can understand the economic methods, you can understand history. -Types of history: economic (social, political, intellectual) -The idea of opposition and struggle is essential to understand progress, or moving forward. -“All history is a history of class struggle” – Karl Marx. Type of history Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Economic Agriculture Merchant Capitalism Industrial Revolution Social Aristocracy Bourgeoisie Proletariat Political Monarchy Classical Liberalism Socialism Intellectual Religion Enlightenment Marxism - Modern capitalism comes along which becomes a system of creating wealth through trade and commerce. This new system creates a new class of people; the Bourgeoisie (middle class). Sooner or
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3-05-10 - -03/05/10- -Enlightenment ideas in the 19th...

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