03-08-10 - -The Ottoman and Russian Empires in the 19th...

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-The Ottoman and Russian Empires in the 19 th Century- 1. Background: The spread of nationalism eastward - Force unleashed in the 18 th century enlightenment. The French, Napolean, demonstrated through the conquer of much of Europe what nationalism can do, and set an example of what many of the civilizations at the time were to follow. - In the mid-19 th century, the consolidation of many of the European nations occurred and both Italy and Germany were unified into two large nation-states as opposed to the smaller ones that existed before (Austria, hungary, etc.) - Many states in the Ottoman empire reformed and became independent over this period (nationalism) - In 1918, after the first world war, Russia, Austria, and Hungary were divided and new states were created. - At this point, the ethnic map of Eastern Europe was a great deal more complex than the political map during this period showed. Endless conflict and bloodshed resulted from this. Languages differed from village to village, etc. - 2. The Ottoman Empire -The fruits of devolution -The case of Arabia: the Wahhabis. - Muhammed ibn Abd al Wahhab (1703-1792) - Goes to Mekka as a young scholar and sees signs that he interprets as corruption of the original documents of the Prophet. He begins preaching against these ideals that go against what the original word said (Shiite and sufi movements were some of these ideologies) -He finally finds someone who supports him by the name of Muhammed ibn Saud (1744). They begin targeting local people that share these ideals and try to convince them that these beliefs are wrong (Ottoman empire, etc.). - When Napolean took a French army into Egypt and conqured it, it was the first time since the Crusades
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03-08-10 - -The Ottoman and Russian Empires in the 19th...

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