3-10-10 - -The British In India1 Background The size of GB...

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-The British In India- 1. Background - The size of GB compared to the size of India. In 1900s, 100,000 British troops existed in India. Governed a nation of 300,000,000. - The Mughal Empire existed in India before the British and the last emperor was Aurangzab (r. 1658- 1707). Devolution came arise after his rule, which is why the Mughals died out. -Afghanistan was established in 1747 under Ahmad Shah. He raided India several times in order to try and gain more land. 2. British Penetration – The situation laid out before is how it was when the British arrived in India. -Infiltration – weaseling their way in. In the mid 18 th century this occurred. -Started by having trading posts on the East india coast (ran by the British East India Trading Company). Bombay on the west coast, madras on the southeast and Calcutta in the north east (Bengal – at the delta of the Ganges River). -Soldiering – Start hiring Indian soldiers to help guard their trading posts. These Indian soldiers fighting for the British were called sepoys. - As soon as these sepoys began to gain popularity, the British began loaning them out for use elsewhere. This became a source of income and power for the British empire. This business of soldiering means that there is always an advantage to have war between other nations. - Gradually, the British were able to acquire more territory over time through these wars. -Tax collecting – The British had paid tax collectors that worked for the Mughal empire. The taxes which the Indian peasants were paying were not going to large architectural advances, but instead to the share
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3-10-10 - -The British In India1 Background The size of GB...

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