3-12-10 - -The Decline of Imperial China in the 19th...

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-The Decline of Imperial China in the 19 th Century- 1. Internal Factors -Chinese believed that their emperor ruled by the Mandate of Heaven. -China was facing a lot of internal problems. One of these problems was an explosion of population where the population doubled during the period from 1750 to 1850. -The population eventually outweighed the food supply. -The Malthusian Trap – Thomas Malthus (1766-1834): had a theory where population rises exponentially whereas food supply rises at a much more gradual rate. Didn’t take into account agricultural technology that came about in the 20 th century. -The Malthusian Trap accurately describes the situation in China at this point in time. -While European populations were also growing rapidly, industrialization was occurring and the New World also offered some relief from this “trap” 2. Western Penetration -Christianity – There were missionaries prior to the 19 th century but they were told to leave. In the 19 th century they were coming secretly to China to preach Christianity to the Chinese. Pamphlets were created in order to promote Christianity in a way that the Chinese could understand. -Opium trade- Opium addiction was growing considerably during this period in China. This addiction was deliberately being fed by the west. The same boats that were dispensing Christian literature were dispensing opium. -The British East India Trading Company wanted to trade with China for tea, since there was a massive demand for tea in Great Britain. The British didn’t have anything to trade back to China, which is where Opium comes in.
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3-12-10 - -The Decline of Imperial China in the 19th...

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