Strong States - StrongStates,WeakStates.WhatstheDifference...

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Strong States, Weak States. . What’s the Difference  02/03/2010 11:32:00 Exam is Saturday April 19 th   Good Leaders Aung San Suu Kyi Presidential candidate, has been inprisoned Mianmar (formerly known as  Burma) Won nobel peace prize Democratic voice for her people States How they are characterized and what adjectives are attached to them - modern vs. premodern - newly industrializing vs. industrialized - democratic vs. non-democratic The State: “a human community that (successfully)” claims the monopoly of the  legitimate use of physical force within a given territory -- Max Weber Strong State vs. Weak State Ability to enforce the law Ability to exert social control – regulate and manage the behaviour of  inhabitants Two Dimensions of State Capacity Characteristics of state apparatus – internal composition of the state
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Strong States - StrongStates,WeakStates.WhatstheDifference...

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