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BIO 208ex 1 fall 06

BIO 208ex 1 fall 06 - BIO 208 001/201 Fall 2006 Examination...

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BIO 208 – 001/201 / Fall 2006 / Examination 1 Cell phones: All cell phones MUST be turned off and put away during an examination period. They must not be turned back on again until after exiting the examination room. USE OF A CELLPHONE (this includes receiving calls) DURING AN EXAMINATION PERIOD IS EVIDENCE OF CHEATING AND WILL BE TREATED AS SUCH. In addition to the circumstance listed above, the following activities are considered evidence of cheating: 1) Any talking to another student during an examination. 2) Looking at another students work during an examination, or allowing another student to look at your work. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Questions 1 - 2 True or false True = A, False = B 1. The resolving power of a light microscope is related to the wavelength of light, such that a shorter wavelength has a small limit of resolution. 2. The antibiotic erythromycin binds with bacterial ribosomes and disrupts their normal functioning. Thus, this antibiotic destroys bacteria by preventing the synthesis of proteins. 3. The limit of effective magnification (with a good lens system) with a compound microscope is a. 500X b. 1000X c. 2000X d. 4000X e. 10000X 4. _______________ is/are the primary structures for the packaging of cellular secretions for export. a. golgi apparatus b. ribosomes c. mitochondrion d. lysosomes e. endoplasmic reticulum 5. A molecule is to carbon dioxide as an atom is to ____________ a. compound b. element c. water d. carbon e. carboxyl group 6. A hydrogen bond is a. a sharing of a pair of electrons between a hydrogen and an oxygen within a water molecule b. a sharing of a pair of electrons between a hydrogen and either an oxygen or a nitrogen c. an attractive force that involves a hydrogen atom in one molecule and an oxygen or nitrogen in a different molecule or a different part of the same molecule d. all the above are correct e. only a and c above are correct. 7. Hydrolysis could be correctly described as the a. heating of a compound in order to drive off its excess water and concentrate its volume b. breaking of a long-chain compound into its subunits by adding water molecules to its structure between the subunits c. linking of two or more molecules by the removal of one or more water molecules d. all of the above
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e. only a and b above not c 8. In which categories are single-celled organisms found? a. prokaryotes b. protozoa c. algae d. a and b e. a, b and c 9. Hydrophobic molecules tend to be _________ by water. a. attracted b. absorbed c. repelled d. mixed e. polarized 10. If you know that an element characteristically forms IONIC BONDS and that element has SEVEN electrons in its outer orbital (shell), it will probably _____________. a. lose electrons and become negatively charged
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BIO 208ex 1 fall 06 - BIO 208 001/201 Fall 2006 Examination...

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