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BIO 208 Chapter 4 Reading Assignment - arrangement of cells...

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Reading Assignment Chapter 4 - Microscopy, Staining and Classification This chapter discusses the use of the microscope and of staining procedures in the observation of microorganisms. When observing microorganisms through a microscope it is important to choose the right microscope for the job. Some microscopes will only allow viewing of killed organisms; some will limit you to only viewing the shape of the organism and not the internal structure. This chapter describes a number of different types of microscopes, and discusses their use in the microbiological laboratory. Bacteria are very small and thin organisms and when observed in the bright light of a microscope often appear colorless. The application of a stain to a sample of bacteria on a slide will allow the size, shape and
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Unformatted text preview: arrangement of cells to be seen clearly. This chapter describes a variety of staining procedures that can be used to distinguish the various bacterial morphologies.As you work through modules 3 and 4, you should be starting to accumulate facts on some of the key bacterial species mentioned in these modules ( Staph. sp., E. coli, Mycobacterium, etc.)You should document what grouping they are classified in (read ahead to chapter 11), gram reaction, colonial and celllular morphology, any other structural features. As you move through the course materials, you will then add additional information to this preliminary knowledge....
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