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human sexuality vocab words

human sexuality vocab words - Chapter 1 Celibacy...

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Chapter 1 Celibacy Historically defined as the state of being unmarried; currently defined as not engaging in sexual behavior. Psychosocial Refers to a combination of psychological and social factors. Sexual intelligence Sexual intelligence involves self-understanding, interpersonal sexual skills, scientific knowledge, and consideration of the cultural context of sexuality. Chapter 2 Case study A nonexperimental research method that examines either a single subject or a small group of subjects individually Demographic bias A kind of sampling bias in which certain segments of society (such as white, middle-class, white-collar workers) a Dependent variable In an experimental research design, an outcome or resulting behavior that the experimenter observes and records b Direct observation A method of research in which subjects are observed as they go about their activities. Experimental research Research conducted in precisely controlled laboratory conditions so that subjects’ reactions can be reliably measu Independent variable In an experimental research design, a condition or component that is under the control of the researcher, who man Nonresponse The refusal to participate in a research study. Random sample A randomly chosen subset of a population. Representative sample A type of limited research sample that provides an accurate representation of a larger target population of interest. Self-selection The bias introduced into research study results because of participants’ willingness to respond. Sexology The study of sexuality. Survey A research method in which a sample of people are questioned about their behaviors and/or attitudes. Chapter 3 Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) A condition resulting from a genetic defect that causes chromosomally normal males to be insensitive to t female external genitals of normal appearance. Androgens A class of hormones that promote the development of male genitals and secondary sex characteristics and produced by the adrenal glands in males and females and by the testes in males. Androgyny A blending of typical male and female behaviors in one individual.
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Autosomes The 22 pairs of human chromosomes that do not significantly influence sex differentiation. Cerebral cortex Outer layer of the cerebral hemispheres that is responsible for higher mental processes. Cerebral hemispheres The two sides (right and left) of the cerebrum. Cerebrum The largest part of the brain, consisting of two cerebral hemispheres. Corpus callosum The broad band of nerve fibers that connects the left and right cerebral hemispheres. DHT-deficient male A chromosomally normal (XY) male who develops external genitalia resembling those of a female as a re testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Estrogens
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human sexuality vocab words - Chapter 1 Celibacy...

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