Mock Trial Case

Mock Trial Case - 2009-10 MISSOURI HIGH SCHOOL MOCK TRIAL...

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Unformatted text preview: 2009-10 MISSOURI HIGH SCHOOL MOCK TRIAL COMPETITIONCASE OVERVIEW: SHAPIRO V. BLACKSTONE INSURANCE GROUPThis case is set in Longstreet, a small town in rural Missouri. On August 14, 2007, Big Tony s BBQ Restaurant, owned by Tony Shapiro, burned and was completely destroyed. Tony Shapiro claims that an intruder charged into the restaurant after hours and demanded money from the register. In the ensuing struggle, Tony claims that the restaurant burned down. Tony filed a claim with his insurance company, Blackstone Insurance Group, or B.I.G. B.I.G. denied the claim, stating essentially that it believes the fire was set by Tony. They claim that when a local automobile plant closed the restaurant lost a significant amount of business, and Tony burned the restaurant down to claim the insurance proceeds and defraud B.I.G. The witnesses for the plaintiff are: - Tony Shapiro.Known as Little Tony, Shapiro is the former owner of Big Tony s BBQ Restaurant and is suing for the insurance proceeds. - Pat “Smokes” McCaffrey. McCaffrey is the local arson investigator who works for the Longstreet Fire Department. McCaffrey conducts an investigation and concludes that the fire was an accident.- Chase Kimoto.Kimoto works for the First National Bank of Longstreet and is a longtime friend of Shapiro. Kimoto will describe the business arrangements between Shapiro and the Bank, and will describe the Bank s analysis of Shapiro's finances.The witnesses for the defense are: - Drew Emmanuel.Emmanuel is the local agent for B.I.G. Emmanuel met with Tony to discuss his insurance policy, and will describe the policy and why B.I.G. chose to deny payment. - Alex Paddington.Paddington is a fire investigator from Chevy Chase, MD. Paddington is hired by B.I.G. to review McCaffrey s investigations, and concludes that the fire was likely arson started by Tony Shapiro. Paddington advised B.I.G. to deny the claim. - Shannon Sanchez.Sanchez is the former assistant manager of Big Tony s BBQ, and was formerly married to Tony s child, Cory. Sanchez will discuss the history of the restaurant, the problems with cash flow, and observations made on the night of the fire. The included Exhibits are: - Pat McCaffrey s Fire Investigation - Big Tony s BBQ Profit & Loss Standard - Promissory Note - Restaurant Layout Diagram - Commercial Property Insurance Policy - Blackstone Insurance Group Denial Letter - Paddington Letter to Blackstone Insurance Group IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF LONGSTREET COUNTY STATE OF MISSOURI TONY SHAPIRO, ) ) Plaintiff, ) ) Case No. 0922-CV-00112 vs. ) Division 19 ) BLACKSTONE INSURANCE ) GROUP, ) ) JURY TRIAL DEMANDED Defendant. ) PETITION FOR BREACH OF CONTRACTCOMES NOW Plaintiff Tony Shapiro ("Shapiro"), and pursuant to the laws of the State of Missouri, states the following cause of action against Defendant Blackstone Insurance Group ("B.I.G.") PARTIES1. Shapiro is a resident of Longstreet County, Missouri....
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Mock Trial Case - 2009-10 MISSOURI HIGH SCHOOL MOCK TRIAL...

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