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Energex_Postcard - • 50 RDI Vitamin B12 • 50 RDI...

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New fruit chewy candy with a Kick of energy! This aint your ordinary chewy candy! These tasty candies have a boost of vitamins, caffine and natural tea extracts that will give you a boost of energy right when you need it. Each serving contains: • 100 mg Caffeine • 800 mg Taurine • 200 mg Guarana • 100% RDI vitamin C
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Unformatted text preview: • 50% RDI Vitamin B12 • 50% RDI Vitamin B6 • Yerba Mate extract • Green Tea Extract This blend of vitamins and cafF ne give you a quick pick up, and the natural tea extracts keep your energy up for whatever you might have to take care of. Visit us on the web at EnergexCandy.com...
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