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Daddy To Go Persuasive Letter

Daddy To Go Persuasive Letter - comes equipped with bottles...

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Snakes, Inc. 11200 SW 8 th Street Phone: (305) 898-1806 Green Library 137 Fax: (305) 898-1807 Miami, FL 33199 http://www.SnakesInc.com May 22, 2008 Mr. T.M. Wilson, President Babies “R” Us 1901 Boogeyman Drive Springfield, IL 12345 Dear Mr. Wilson: Have you ever felt as though things are just one big mess, whether it is the toys around your daughter’s room or papers on your work desk? As a single parent myself, I understand that things can become challenging when balancing a home life with a stressful business life. There exists a problem for many working single parents around the country. It’s the problem of physically having too many things to handle, such as carrying diapers and documents or blankets and board presentations. There is a strong necessity to consolidate everything an on-the-go parent needs for both business and pleasure. Everyone should buy a Daddy-To-Go Briefcase. Whether a single mother or father, this briefcase brings together the two main aspects of a parent’s life: the business side and the parental side. It
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Unformatted text preview: comes equipped with bottles, blankets, diapers, a rattle, and still has space to include any other items your baby may need. The Daddy-To-Go Briefcase also includes space to include all your important work documents and even comfortably fits a laptop! But contrary to what many people will think, the Briefcase is made of a thin, durable material and is very sleek and professional. As we look at the future, our environment is becoming one where we want more things combined into one. Phones can access the internet and computers can make phone calls. Now a briefcase can be a changing bag and a soccer dad can be a business executive, all with one bag. I urge you to put these Daddy-To-Go Briefcases on your shelves of Babies R Us. Our reports have shown a great interest in them from consumers and it will greatly benefit them as well as your company. Not only should everyone buy one, but everyone would buy one. Regards, John P. Kilzi Senior Marketing Executive...
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